Business 13 Apr 2021

Choosing a charity

One of the key things that we wanted to achieve with Booka Trim was being able to contribute in giving something back to our community. There are so many amazing charities that do incredible work which make a difference to so many lives – so it was always going to be a challenge to pick one that we’d like to donate to and hopefully run some projects with.

We created a shortlist and researched into a list of charities that are all super inspirational. We eventually made a decision and reached out to our charity of choice – Black Thrive.

Black Thrive are a non-profit South-London based charity that provides mental health support to black communities. Black Thrive evolved from the work of the Black Lambeth partnership (which was established in 2016 to tackle inequality and the impact this had on the mental wellbeing of black people within Lambeth.

Black Thrive continue to do some great stuff, some of their research is really eye opening. We highly recommend you take some time to read through and explore their material about how structural factors shape outcomes. You can check out some of these pieces here.

They have also established some great partnerships with Kings College London, Deepmind, Met Police, Lankelly Chase and many more. One of the things which resonated with us was their 4 philosophy and approach pillars..

◘ Placing black communities at the center
◘ Collective impact
◘ Embedding race equity in system change
◘ Decolonising the evidence landscape

We’ve had some really exciting discussions with Black Thrive about some exciting project ideas, so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully there might be some news around this in the future.

Check out Black Thrive on . They’ve recently had a complete brand refresh and new website design which looks pretty sick!