Product 13 Apr 2021


Launching a startup is a challenge at the best of times, launching a startup whilst in the middle of a global pandemic is even tougher. Booka Trim has made some huge strides over quite a short period of time and we’re really excited to see how it will develop over the next 6 months.

There’s been some frustrating periods since the launch – mainly with the closing and re-opening of barber shops on a few occasions. But the downtime has provided us with an opportunity to re-evaluate our proposition, study our findings and design and develop new features for our customers.

Being a tech-oriented company we place a big impetus on data and what our data tells us. Data aside, there’s been some interesting operational milestones that we wanted to share with everyone that’s followed our journey so far.

◘ 4 Shops using Booka Trim
◘ 131 processed payments
◘ 7,000+ unique visits
◘ 1,200 lines of data
◘ 1 established partnership

The second phase of Booka Trim will be focussed on increasing barbershop accessibility through the platform, making the sign up process more efficient and publishing more strategic content for our users.

We’ve got some really exciting new features that we’re launching over the next few weeks, we’re sure you are all going to love them!